The Clue in the Crumbling Wall: that was my gateway book. From then on, I was destined to be a life-long reader. Like many people, I have a deep love and respect for stories of all kinds, from all sorts of mediums. Like many people, I believe that stories are an invaluable tool for building community and goodwill.

Unfortunately, (again, like many people) most of my exposure to books, movies, and other media has been creations from people not dissimilar to me. That is: white, Western, middle or upper-middle class, educated. Often male.

Let me be clear. Many of those books and movies are wonderful. Lots of them fall into the category of justly famous. However, I want that stories that serve the dual purpose of entertainment and expanding my worldview. Increasingly, I’ve come to believe that unless I actively seek out diversity in my reading list, it’s going to default to the most-represented group on my local bookseller’s shelves. Luckily, there is a growing movement for diversity in publishing and I’m excited to take full advantage of this trend.

With that in mind, I’ve made a resolution to build a better bookshelf. (Including, perhaps, the occasional DVD.) This blog is my open-diary of that journal…and, hopefully, a signal boost for some unrepresented literature. Becuase this is my life and I’m a grown-ass woman who does what she wants: there might be the occasional old-white-male ‘classic’. I still need to read Tale of Two Cities, after all.